At North Beach Primary School your P&C are a friendly and creative group of parents working to help the kids and school by:

  • supporting education
  • enhancing the school environment and
  • fostering community spirit.

The P&C meets twice a term at the school.  The meeting provides a forum for parents to learn about particular events that affect the community and the school at large.  Our principal  provides valuable insight into how these events are managed.


The P&C fundraises for things like:

  • educational resources
  • upgrading the school grounds and equipment

The P&C provides services that include:

  • The uniform shop
  • The canteen

Through our fantastic Year Representatives we disseminate useful information to assist our parent body in areas such as parent education nights ie:  cybersaftey seminar, social events ie:  camp out night for children and parents

Share your expertise

Supported by the P&C, parents have the unique opportunity to provide specific expertise in an organised forum to allow the greater community to benefit from shared experience and knowledge.

The Running Club – this is a parent initiative run by Caron Jowett, Paul Ballardin and Sean Fuller.  This amazing movement has grown in leaps and bounds and provides another level of healthy community togetherness.

Parent Volunteers – early learning assistance, guided reading, extension programs.  These volunteers are not a requirement of the school; however, they provide valuable support to individual groups at varying levels.

Vegetable garden program – Run by the amazing support of community members  as well as parent volunteers support on Thursdays 8:50am – 10:40am

Chess Club – another fabulous after school activity that is providing another opportunity for children to develop their skills set.

School Sporting Clubs

North Beach School App – Steven Montgomery our IT parent has provided an app to North Beach School allowing families use services on their mobile to quickly navigate through calendars events and class rooms.  It also provides a useful tool to allow for quick absentee submission, as well as providing access to the school community through push notifications for quick messages to all mobile users.

Joining the P&C is a great way to contribute to the school and collaborate with the school community.  Please contact us if you want to get involved or need further information. We welcome all our parents in whatever capacity.



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