Why support your child’s school?  

Government funding does not provide for all the needs of your Child’s educational experience or environment. The parent community provides vital support and resources enabling our children to receive the best education and opportunities possible.

Why support the North Beach P&C? 

The P&C works collaboratively with the school management. We represent the parent voice, play a vital funding role and work to build the North Beach community spirit by providing parents with opportunities to meet, socialise and help.

How will my child benefit? 

Your child will benefit from the cohesive, supportive, community minded school we are contributing to. Your child also benefits directly from the funding the P&C provides as we work with the school and community members to identify the needs and wants for our children’s education and schooling experience.

What has the P&C Funded? 

Electronic Whiteboards, air-conditioning, computers, Mathletics license, Playground equipment, Maths and Science resources, reading books, Uniform Shop, Canteen, the list goes on….

Helping raise funds without leaving the armchair!

The North Beach P&C has several ongoing means of raising funds, please read below and become involved where ever possible.

Battery Recycling

IMG battery recycleBring all your old dry cell batteries and place them in the bins on the enclosed verandah near the office.

Farmers Direct


IMG School BankingSchool Banking

By encouraging your children to save and doing your banking at school we receive 5% of all funds banked.



Your school in the palm of your hand for iPhone and Android devices.