“An outdoor living classroom that encourages healthy life and educational learning.”

Our garden is more than growing vegies. This vibrant space is organised entirely by volunteers with contributions by local businesses.  Year Four students embark on a program where they experience the joy of basic gardening concepts, healthy living and eating their own produce.  Additionally teachers utilise the facilities as an outdoor classroom.

Since 2009, we have run a yearly program that provides Year Four students with additional skills for living and learning that can last a lifetime. Activities are focused on sustainability, environmental awareness, sharing and practical learning.  Lessons are very much hands on with students often returning to the classroom a tad dirty.

The Patch

Student learning including:

  • Soil health and biology
  • Compost, worms and recycling
  • Lifecycles – from planting a seed, growing the plant, harvesting and eating, to collecting the seed for next year’s use
  • Bugs – beneficial and pests
  • Tasting and recognising where food and ‘cloud juice’ comes from
  • Assistance with infrastructure building

Cooking classes compliment this program. Each term seasonal Patch produce is prepared by students in the school canteen teaching nutritional cooking and eating techniques.

This curriculum is thoroughly enjoyed by Year Fours and encourages personal growth, particularly in students who do not perform as well academically.

The Patch endeavours to provide a positive space to explore, belong and just be.

Video- The Garden Gurus visit North Beach School.

Video-Derek is WA’s oldest school gardener.